I had the great opportunity of meeting Carol during a pivotal point in my career. As a student in her HR course, I gained a deep and layered knowledge of HR that helped prepare me for years of challenges and success. Through the years Carol continues to be an invaluable friend, mentor, and ally--always encouraging me to learn and develop through continued education and study. Carol’s professionalism, grace and genuine concern for the individual are the attributes that endear her to all who know her.
Liz Norman
VP of People, FMG Suite
I worked with Carol for nearly ten years, and I'd jump at the chance to work with her again. Of course she is extremely organized and scaled up her department as the company grew in a way that made it look effortless. She is dedicated to building capacity and culture in a company, and combines trainings/ workshops/mentoring/ support/processes--whatever is needed to help build teams and coach managers. She has a lovely human-centered approach where she makes everyone feel personally cared about. I often went to her for advice on how to navigate sensitive situations, and I was always glad that I did. I have worked with a range of HR professionals, and Carol is easily top of the list.
J. Noelle Carter
Chief Curriculum Architect, Studies Weekly
This course has been such an enlightening, enriching experience.
Lindsey N.
Fall 2021 HR Certificate Course Participant
The skills I’ve learned will help me with all of my HR responsibilities. I’m so glad I took this class.
Former MTEC Student
One of the things that I've enjoyed the most is watching the instructor and the passion that she has for human resources. Her excitement spills over in class, and that's what makes it fun.
Former MTEC Student
The whole class was very in depth. The instructor made this class an extraordinary learning environment with her enthusiasm, knowledge, and inspiration.
Former MTEC Student
Carol has professionally led companies that we support with our services and find she has outstanding leadership and foresight to partner with any company that is growing locally, nationally or internationally. Carol was always able to provide our team with the insight needed to help her company. She works seamlessly with the executives in her company so the work she does helps support the business side and bottom line health of that company. Carol pulls people together fairly and intelligently to bring out the best in them for a team effort. I work with many VPs of HR and CHRO leaders in the state and across this country and find Carol one of my favorites. Anyone would benefit from her expertise in the profession of Human Resources and corporate expansion efforts.
Bob Howard
Senior VP, Diversified Insurance
You are a fantastic instructor and every single week the course information was really interesting. I feel like this course will allow me to move forward in my new position with confidence.
Amber K.
Fall 2021 HR Certificate Course Participant
I can say with total confidence your course has helped put me on a really great path toward competence in all things HR related. I've been able to put to use something that I learned every week.
Donny M.
Fall 2021 HR Certificate Course Participant
I really appreciated this class. It has made me excited about what I do again. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.
Former MTEC Student
I feel like I should take this course every year. There are not many people I could listen to for three hours coming straight from work, but it was presented in an engaging, fact-based manner.
Former MTEC Student
I learned something that I can use on my job in every class.
Former MTEC Student